Friday, September 13, 2019

Hardware Shopping List

Sprint service:
  $500 Contributor level:
  School employees (read FAQ) 

1. USB3.0 to NGFF M.2 Adapter Enclosure ($34+shipping)

2. Sierra Wireless EM7565 Modem ($175+shipping)

3. Antennas (2)  This is going to vary by location:
  (a) If close to the tower and antennas are placed towards the tower. Attach directly to enclosure ($10+shipping)

  (b) Upgrade to 'economical' panel antennas, which require cables (2x$21 +shipping):
  Cable for panel antenna, N male to SMA male (10ft $36+shipping)

4. Router
  Cradlepoint CBA850. Note no wifi.  Buy used without an internal modem ($50 - $65)

5. SIM card adapter kit. Lots of choices on Amazon, or add this to your ltefix order. The USB enclosure adapter (1) requires a full size SIM card but the plans hotspots have micro or nano sized cards ($5)

The modem (2) goes in the USB adapter enclosure (1). The antennas (3) also connect to the USB adapter enclosure (1).  The SIM card uses a size adapter (5) to install into the USB adapter enclosure (1).  The USB adapter enclosure (1) then connects via USB to the router (4).  The router (4) can then be used directly or attached to your existing home router.  Since the CBA850 doesn't have wifi, a home wifi router is needed.

1. There's a slightly cheaper USB 2 M.2 enclosure but the extra $ for the USB 3 enclosure is very worth it, even it it's used with a USB 2 port.

2. The EM7455 is a lot cheaper (under $30 used on ebay) but it has disconnect issues with Sprint.  Connection monitoring and recovery scripts in Rooter can help but your connection will have ~1 minute outages periodically, possibly at least daily, that get very annoying. Also, Cradlepoint has its own EM7455-based modem, so doesn't allow the 'generic' used modems to work. They don't have an EM7565, so those will work with the CBA850

3. The CBA850 can take full advantage of the increased speeds possible with the EM7565 (100mbps+). It has gigabit wan and USB 3.  The gl.inet AR150 has 100mb lan and USB 2. I've managed about 90mbps with the AR150 though. The CBA850 also has easy IP Passthrough to remove a layer of NAT added by the AR150.

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